Letterpress and Bookbinding


Create Everyday
A limited edition of letterpress notebooks

This project is about my passion for materials and tactile experiences. I wanted to inspire and make every time to write or sketch fell special. Create Everyday is designed and built with letterpress and bound manually.

Letterpresse printed cover

Why letterpress?

Letterpress is an excellent resource to explore and study typography. It teaches you about planning and patience to layout the type and find the right material for the project. Working beyond screens has allowed me to think differently on how to create beautiful and meaningful experiences. It is a way to rethink my concept of interactivity, and I will execute a project.

Binding the notebooks

Finished Notebook

︎That was it for this project, please check more of my work bellow. ︎


Seattle 2020 — ︎ tui.calvette@gmail.com